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To Little Marcus,

Actualizado: 20 oct 2018

Isn't that funny? We all probably remember the first time we learned or experienced something new., like riding a bike, driving a car or our first kiss. The same way I remember the first time I knew I was a medium for Spirit.

Yes, my first spirit who I am forever grateful. he chose to communicate trough me and I remember very well the message he gave.

I was given the name of Marcus by his aunt with the hope to hear from him, his name reminded me a Roman Emperor or Gladiator in ancient times. Nothing to do with what I was about to experience.

We were in a demonstration practice class with Mediums James Van Praagh and Tony Stockwell, and students were getting ready to connect with Spirit.

I knew the moment Spirit made his presence , immediately in my mind I heard this words...

" I am in water! I have no control over, I am powerless"

Right away I knew he drowned and a the same time Spirit impressed me with one of my childhood memories of a drowning tragedy of a 3 year old boy who followed his older sister to a friend's house who had a pool and he drowned there.

I knew then, that Marcus was only a 3 year old boy! Then as a remote viewing in my mind he showed me he was blond and he was climbing the stairs to get to the top of a round pool set over the ground. He lost control, and he was alone! Till this day every time I think of it I get an uneasy feeling.

He also communicate to me he had chosen to come to earth as a "TEACHER" despite his short life. Later on., Marcus's aunt confirmed the information given, and also the story before the tragic event.

Little Marcus was the youngest of 4 children, who were left unattended by their parents watching T.V. for a long period of time while the parents were doing drugs in their master bedroom. Marcus wondered around just like any boy his age and went straight to the pool.

Right at that moment I understood why little Marcus told me he had chosen to come to this earth as a teacher. He was meant to be a teacher within his own family to help them understand what is important in life.

Life is precious! I hope as you read this you understand his message the same way I do.

The outcome of this tragic story follows as this:

Each of Marcus parents got drug free after Marcus death.

They separated, each individually needed to find their own path. His brother and sisters became aware of the difference between making good or bad choices, and they got each parent back to health.Very well needed to function as one.

Sometimes we can not explain why things happen in certain way. Specially tragedies involving innocent children.

The truth as Marcus said to me, we all come to earth with a mission, we all are teachers and students at the same time. Very powerful words for a three year old child! Who despite his age was full of wisdom in the other side. I realized Marcus soul was much older, and came to earth to teach others about life. I found out that awareness is probably the most important thing!

Being aware in how we are going to impact others with our actions and words should be a priority, everything we say or do goes out in waves and has a very powerful ripple effect.

I can not ask my children to be good if what I do is the contrary. Actions talk louder than words. We are not perfect I know, but is worth to ask ourselves if what we do or say is impacting our love ones the best way.

This is the story of Marcus, my first Spirit who I was honored to serve as communicator. I took deep within my heart his message of Love & Healing for the rest of us.

Forever grateful<3

Love & Light

Ana Leyva Spirit Medium

May 21st 2018

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