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Earth Bound spirits?

Actualizado: 21 may 2018

Have you ever wonder why unusual events have happend to you around your house? Were you really alone when your T.V. turned on and off by itself, or the radio station changed channel suddently? The truth is , we live in a vast universe of energy, and we share our space with other energy beens. Let me explain, our love ones in Spirit most of the time have already made the transition to cross to the light to the spiritual realm. Where they won't be separated from us, they are closer than ever, they are energy and the counciousness lives forever, so they are with us when we think of them, and they can see what we do on earth every day.

There is no time in the spiritual realm. They may send to us signs from heaven in a form of a bird, butterfly, penny or a feather. Also in a form of a coincidence when we think of mum for example, and then a truck passes by with her name on it. We just need to be open to receive this heavenly sings and pay attention. A spirit can be earth bound, if after his death, unfinished bussines were left behind and they decided to stay for a little longer till this issue gets resolved. To be earth bound for a long period of time is not good for the spirit evolution. They need to advance in their spiritual realm, they do not belong to earth any more, they do not have a body to sustain living on earth.

Besides the unfinished bussines stay for some, there are other spirits that are afraid to cross to the light, just because they are scare to be judged and unished for their earthy acctions on the other side. It doesn't mean this will happen over there., but their conscious level they died with is what is preventing them to cross to the light. They are stock. Just as well as some others that died in a tragic accident and they are not aware they died. They are confused. Although our Spiritual guides and angels are ther to help us to cross over. We can refuse to do it. Depending of our level of consciousness.

No one can force us to cross to the light, the invitation is always there. Eather we realized we are confused and finally we decide to cross to the light with those angelical beens or we are trrified to cross to the spiritual realm due to our bad actions while we lived in this world.

Eath bound spirits appear to us when they need help. We have to pay attention and ask the question in our mind if they need help. Usually when this happens spirits go to people who can hear them, see them and percive their prescense like mediums. Other earth bound spirits are just pesky, and hang around because they identify with the person who lives in a particular house or enviroment or watch the same t.v. shows the used to when they were alive. Hospitals, hotels, bars, theatres are places they like to hang up. Those spirits are the ones that like to bug us and interfere with our every day living.

Just by writing this article I had a pesky one while having dinner with my family. We were talking about great old t.v. shows from the 60's, those black and white screen,., when we all heard on the other side of the table scattered broken glass everywhere, we were interuupted in our fun conversation. It was very loud, we all got up and there was nothing broken on the floor. So I told my family that I was writing this article, maybe they wanted some attention any how. They did!

We just can talk of our personal experiences, and in my case I have come across with four earth bound spirits, besides the pesky ones. Smudging your enviroment with sage will help those pesky ones to live your space. It really works


As part of my mentorship on 2013 with James Van Praagh, we were visiting one of the most hunted places in Phoenix ,Az. The Orpheum Theatre, this place opened its doors in 1929, the arquitecture is Baroque and many ghost haunt these Theatre. Our assignment was to feel any ghost energy and find out why they were there. As for me was one of the managers of the Theatre that was pretty much still on the task. I found out this gentelman in spirit was there because he was not aware there was other time now. He kept reliving the same era mid 1900's and he though he was responsible for the well functioning of this place.

I had a conversation with him, and explained why we were there.We were helping spirits to cross to the light, so I invited him to cross to the light, an explain him he needed to advance in the spiritual world. At the same time I pictured the most amazing bright light on mi mind, so he could see it as well. And he finally cossed.

We all captured some extrange pictures of the mirrors in the Theatre as if a foam was covering part of our faces. Time came when we needed to leave the place. This was down town and as I was already two blocks away walking to our hotel, I heared a voice inside in my mind telling me to come back. I left the group and came back to the Theatre, the entrance was empty, so I dcided to take a picture with my cel. phone. I didn't notice anything unusual and I left.

When I was in the Hotel I took a closer look of the picture. There it was! A ghost behind a desk looking at me, wearing a costume with a hood and holding a book between his hands.

It seemed this spirit stayed there by choice. He loved his life in the Theatre! (Continue)


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