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Mirror - Mirror

Actualizado: 27 mar 2018

After all fairy tales have something to teach us. Remember Snow White from Walt Disney? Well it is not far away from reality. Just like the evil stepmother from Snow White we all want to reflect in our mirror the best we can see of us. We do not need to be an evil  person in order not to see who we really are. We tend to look ourselves," from the outside in".

But who we really are has to be reflected, " from the inside out".

Then there is another part, how we want others to look at us, and what we will never show to anyone.

 1.- The way we look to our selves 2.- The way we want others to look at us  and 3.- The way we will never show to anyone.

And yes! There is people living"unhappily eve after" wearing these 3 masks over themselves. When I say unhappily ever after is what they choose to live by, because we know that true happiness just comes from the heart. We need to know who we are, accept who we are and love who we are. These 3 ways we look to ourselves have to be integrated with each other in order for us to be happy.

No one can be happy just showing one part of who they really are. It doesn't matter the circumstances life shows over your path in this earth. What matters is how you react to each challenge. How can we be totally honest with ourselves? Once again by looking in our mirror. How come? What we see in others is a reflection of who we really are! Do not be scare, but this in a universal truth. Everything we see in others is our self screaming the truth we do not like to see in us. What are we afraid of?

There is no much use in life if deep inside of us we feed intolerance to other people, just because they do not think, dress and behave like us. ( It just shows how afraid we are to be ourselves ).

There is no much use in our life if what drives us is just to compete with others over material things to impress. ( It just shows how little we value ourselves).

There is no much use in trying to shine under the shadow of someone else that in our limited believe we consider more important. ( We are not loving ourselves).

There is no much use in  our lives if we pretend we care for the most unfortunate, and we do not take action to do something to help. ( It just shows how scare we are to be like them ). We build a barrier.

There is not much use in our life if we pretend to love animals, and the ones we have at home are one more ornament of our house.. Never less we have totally forgot about the street mutts. They do not exist.

There is no much use in our life if we say " I love You", and the truth is that we don't even know how to love our selves. ( It just really means we have to start taking away all those masks from us). We are suffocating.

LOVE- ACCEPTANCE-COMPASSION & FORGIVENESS, begin with oneself. Then we have stopped wearing masks for others! We have stopped fulfilling others expectations of us. We are free! We are at peace with ourselves, we have found our true self. This is priceless!

It is pretty shocking in our occidental culture, that society encourage us to see the world from the outside in. We become, the lawyer, the doctor, etc.... We are just a title! They make us erase our true self. The harsher we judge ourselves will become the way we look at the world and others.

The true spiritual work begins by acknowledge who we really are, be kind and patient with ourselves, forgive and start loving ourselves. We all are students on this earth.

Your family won't do this job for you and you won't do this for them. Each of us have our own path. This is an individual work of growth. A true spiritual awakening will only take place if we start looking at the world from the "inside out".


Love & Light

Ana Leyva Spirit Medium.

March 27th

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