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Inconditional love search

SEARCHING FOR LOVE. It seems that all human beings, throughout our lives never stop looking for people who love us unconditionally. This is because before we incarnate in this world, we already exist in a perfect place! Where we are loved and accepted, that's where our true home is. (Noso Lar).

By embodying our soul, the waiting room before birth is the womb of our mother, where we wait and we are loved unconditionally before our birth (unless the mother has emotional or mental problems).

Therefore, we humans never give up on the search for love. The closest thing to divine love is the love of our mothers, always unconditional. When we grow up and stop being children, we continue in our eternal search for that unconditional love that almost no other human being could match. When "we return home" and our body dies, the soul returns to that place so longed that we always miss in our passage through earth. Here we had come to love.

Love ourselves and others. These lessons of love are what we come to learn on earth. Every day we are shown new opportunities to learn to love, either in our family nucleus or not.

Some people advance a lot in their spiritual development on this earthly plane. Others will not, and new opportunities will com e in their return back to earth. Yes, we all have been here before.

Talking about reincarnation is not uncommon anymore. We live in an era of awakening.

Just remember when the computers came up, every one had to learn how to use them.

Anything else became obsolete! The same happens now with Spiritual awakening.

The ones that are not developing in that area of their lives, do not want to grow.

The choice is ours. We all are here to enrich our lives and expand as human beings.

Mediocrity and close minds are out of fashion now a days.

Let's enjoy our journey trough this world and love one another.

Love & Light

Ana leyva Spirit medium.

February 6th 2018.

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