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Is time travel possible?

Actualizado: 28 feb 2018

This has been a subject of debate for many many years. Some people imagine they will ride a magic capsule and will be transported to the past. Some others believe alien space ships will be taking them to another time and space. The only thing we know for sure are the great scientists that came before us and opened up a new path to look at things.

To mention some now will be Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein.

"If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration" "The day science begins to study non physical phenomena, it will make more progress in a decade than in all the previous centuries of it''s existence"

Nikola Tesla


" The distinction between past, present and future is only a stubbornly illusion"

Albert Einstein


Time is relative and flexible according to Einstein, so reality is ultimately TIMELESS. This sounds very bizarre from the view of classical physicists, but from the view of the theory of consciousness and spirituality fits perfect.

We only can talk about our own self experience, I will share with you what comes next:

In my work as a medium and years of working with energy, I have developed other kind of awareness, "Psychometry". This consist on feeling the energy of any object and know the history of it. I practice feeling the energy of antique furniture and feel the energy of previous date of time and the people who owned the piece. Some times I get feedback from furniture that have been passed from previous generations to actual generations. It's fun, and I enjoy it very much


To me it shows like a remote viewing on my" third eye ", my mind at the moment I am touching the furniture. Few days ago, cleaning my garage I found an old uniform shirt signed by classmates all over from middle school. 1975! With little nostalgia I embraced that keep sake shirt. Then I thought to touch it and feel the energy from the shirt, just like I do with old furniture.

This time it was my own energy on the item, so as I held the shirt and closed my eyes, I started feeling very strong energy going up trough my arms, first thing showing up on my mind was my old history classroom at that time.

As I started going trough the classroom's door I was sucked inside the image. I was there! Feeling my skinny size 4 body, my bow hair style and wearing my favorite waved leather crocks, bell bottoms pants and my favorite t-shirt .( I never thought of those items in 40 years!) I was wearing them! I felt very joyful, happy and content.

I started walking down with ease, lightness and very graciously passing by the philosophy classroom and coming down the steps to go to the volley ball court with such a stride that almost could fly. I noticed there was nobody there. I stopped and took a deep breath, as I exhale the air I opened my eyes feeling very happy and here I am holding my old shirt.

When that placid feeling of happiness passed and I am trying to put my shirt away, I realized I am not sure where I am, who I am or what time of the day it was. I recognize the home, I know is my home, I know I have two daughters and I have to pick them up from school. I didn't remember the pick up time, I still felt confused and I couldn't remember anything else. Like if suddenly 40 years of memories were gone! I sat down for a while trying to remember more, I coudn't. So I guessed the pick up time. Good thing I learned driving a car at 13 years old!

It was kind of scary to tell you the truth, like if Alzheimer's disease is showing up in your life for the first time. It was very unpleasant. Finally I adventured to a pick up the girls. Time was right but I wasn't sure at all time. I took them to the grocery store to buy some snacks and get dinner for later. At the moment I felt I didn't know how to cook a meal. I've ben cooking for 35 years! Then I realized part of me was still that 15 year old, I came back to my actual time in a scattered thought form. My knowledge of life and things was limited.

Back at home I excused myself, and let them know I needed to take a nap. I slept for three hours. When my youngest came to check on me, she started talking and I could follow her conversation very good. I got up and I resumed my mom's activities as normal. Whatever memories and fragments of my actual life were lost before I went to sleep, were back as normal when I woke up.

* The only thing I can say is the experience to be in the past was priceless. I loved it!

I can't describe the joy and happiness I felt.

* Coming back to reality was very,very scary, once I realized I was disoriented and confused of who I was.

* My true intention was to feel the energy of an idem from the past. Just like I always do with antiques.

Did I go further down? Did I crossed time - space?

Based on what I felt and experienced, I know the answer.

Love& Light

Ana Leyva Spirit Medium

February 25th 2018.

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