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Medium's Guidelines

Actualizado: 26 feb 2018

Every Medium is different from each other, but there is a very important element that must be present when delivering a message from Spirit. The element of LOVE is totally necessary for the spirit reading to take place. The Medium must come from a place of love. Love to ones self, love to others and love to what surround us.


From my personal experience as a medium, I can tell you that at the moment of your spirit reading I connect my loving energy to your heart and at the same time I connect with the loving energy of the divine source of the Spirit world. It does't metter if your reading is in person, telephone, via Skipe or Zoom. Spirit and the loving energy will be present. They are always ready to communicate with the living.

Something that I enjoy very much is when the Spirit takes me to a journey to different cities, places and buildings I have never been. It is like a remote viewing of all this places, and I can describe streets, buildings architecture like if I was in that area. Spirit is taking me there! I can share that with the sitter.

There is also different kind of communicators in spirit. If the spirit was a very outgoing person while he or she lived in this earth, most like it that is the way they will communicate trough the medium. If the spirit was a serious person when he was alive, spirit will be serious during the reading. Spirits will keep the same personality they had when they were in this earthy plane.

Please never forget to check the credentials of a medium. It takes years of preparation for a medium to learn how to deliver a message in a loving and compassionate way. It is a big responsibility for a medium. We must be aware of ethics and morals. Our sitter should always feel uplifted after his or her reading. Never otherwise.

How can the sitter should prepare for a Spirit reading ? Be open to receive messages from Spirit. Expect the unexpected! That is when the best medium's readings take place. Once you are relax and open, is easier for Spirit to enter in the energy field of the medium.

Put away expectations, forget about pass codes, nicknames or where grandma used to set her sleepers. Be open! The Spirit world is eager to communicate with you. Are you ready?

Eather you are present in your reading with an open heart or don't be at all.

Trying to test the medium? Dear friend this trick never works. The medium is ahead of you already. After all the medium has a direct line to heaven!

Relax and enjoy your reading.

Love & Light

Ana Leyva Spirit Medium

January 23rd, 2018

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