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What is your ripple effect?

Actualizado: 15 mar 2018

Have you ever skid a rock over the waters of a lake or a river? No too long ago this was a popular activity for kids who enjoyed playing outdoors all day., just before the era of electronics stole our minds. Kids used to compite with each other to make the biggest ripples over the water. It was fun! Now you get the idea how ripples over the water look like.

We still make ripple effect in our ever day life. What kind is yours? You see, everything we do starts with an intention. Every morning we have the opportunity to set one. Most of us begin the day in automatic pilot, following our morning routine and going trough the motions with no direction whatsoever. When we set our intention for the day, we have a route map to follow.

As we must not let our sailing boat over the ocean with no direction but just where the wind blows, we can not let our day begin without direction.We become very vulnerable.

We as humans are incredibly powerful, our minds have unlimited resources.

We can use our mind to build each other, or destroy each other.

What are we doing with this power?

Nothing good will come out of bad as nothing bad will come out of good. Wich side are you at?

If you want your day to be a happy one, you must set your intention every day.

Is your intention to be at service for others and bring a smile to people you encounter?

Is it to remain positive all day no matter the circumstances you face out there?

When your intention is set for the greatest good, the results you bring to your day will make wonders in your life.

What do we need to do to have an intention? We just need to be aware of who we are and how we want to react to people and challenges during our day. Knowing we can direct our day in a positive way. If we remain in the good for us and others, more good we will attract to our lives.

What is the enemy of an intention? The enemy of an intention is the CONTROL. Yup! When we try to force any situation in our own egoistical way, we loose our intention.

What can we do to remain faithful to our intention? We TRUST and let go. If your intention is to remain calm and positive during the day, and some random person honks to you and make some ugly signals in you way to work, it's a clear remainder where we should stand.

After all., all that bad vibe belongs to the one sending it. Not you.

By letting go and stop trying to control other people behavior, will bring more peace and joy to your day. If we are one of those people who like to demand attention in a restaurant making a fuss and treating employees poorly, the unfortunate people that cross your path may carry your bad vibes all day . Maybe the waiter go home and react bad with his wife and children or the cashier of the convenient store will loose her job because you complained the line and service was so slow. What do you want to be responsible for?

Are we some of those people that the achiviements of others bother us? Is jealousy running our lives? It is a big burden to carry! Let's be clear, what is our intention. The ripple effect we create during the day has a big effect in our life and the life of others.

From us depends that many other people will have a good day or a bad one. Including us!

The choice is ours. Set a good one, and make the blessings you send to others come back to you as well.

" I alone cannot change the world, but

I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples"

____ Mother Teresa____

Love & Light

Ana Leyva Spirit Medium.

March 10th, 2018.

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