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Where do our pets go when they die?

Actualizado: 1 oct 2023

How many times we 've heard the famous quote from Will Rogers, " If there are no dogs in heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went" or Movie titles like " All Dogs go to Heaven" By Don Bluth (1989). The truth is we love our animals, no metter their species.

They are not our children, but we are to them their moms and dads, just because all trough their lives, we care for their needs and love them. That's who we are! No to mention the unconditional love they give us. Dogs have really master that area to perfection. What can I say., I 've cared for 20 dogs all trough my life since I was eight years old. They have so much to teach us as humans, they truly pure at heart.

. This is the reason why is so hard to see some injustice treatment towards them. Do they go to heaven"? Our animals just like us are energy as well, so when they pass .,their energy continues in another form.

During the time I've worked as a medium I've had some animals come trough while I am giving a reading to their people, animals are "free spirited". They've jumped in some of my readings unexpectedly!

Showing the sitter some dear memories even when they were puppies, and the sitter will come up with OMG! I almost forgot, my dog used to do that when he was just a puppy! Even after their passing they want to uplift our hearts. Dogs are amazing!

Cats usually point to me the areas where they used to seat around the home or where they had their dish and favourite food. Love never dies. Our domestic animals are so free that they come and go as they please between worlds. They just are!

They did not come to earth to learn lessons.They came to give us love, friendship, acceptance and to be the best companions they can possible be. They are masters in the matter! So don't be surprised if you or someone else sees your dog around the house after her passing. Or if someone mentions the name of your dog or cat and a butterfly, bird or dragonfly shows up every time her name cpmes up.

They love to show us they are still with us in some form. I've read some beautiful poems about "The Rainbow Bridge" referring to our pets crossing after they died. I also have seen beautiful paintings, and images about this beautiful rainbow bridge. One day this became more real .

This happened at my sister's home... in a late night some strong noises woke her up.she decided to go and check where this noises came from, not before waking me up because I've stayed overnight there. The commotion came from the entrance of her home, we checked around and s did not see anything different, but then she took her cel. phone and shoot some pictures of the area in question,just in case something may appear out of place. we didn't notice anything then...

What a surprise the next day! She was so lucky to capture this, I will share with you. The rainbow color light coming from the ceiling does not belong to any light fixture. It is coming trough the ceiling. There are 4 dog ghostly figures sitting in the area. The most clear is the large dog sitting in front of the main door. If you look at the round reflective eyes it will be easy for you to spot them. The other dog is next to the chair, he is lighter to see, but you can still spot her eyes and long ear. The other two are in the front very, very light, but the eyes are noticeably. Maybe the Rainbow Bridge was so real!

They came to visit trough the rainbow light coming from the ceiling.

Beleive me when I say, our pets are still with us. There is a special and unbreakable bond from their heart to our hearts forever. Love never dies.

Love & Light

Ana Leyva Spirit Medium.

March 5th 2018 Blog article.

The complete story featured in the book " & "

Copyright (c) 2023 by Ana Leyva

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