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Who knows what the rules are on the other side of the veil?

We humans live in this physical world on our planet earth, when we die we evolve to a non-physical existence. We exist in another plane. The division in the middle of these two worlds is known as "The Veil of Division" The veil is not a physical veil, but it is the term given to our "Difference of thought"Between the spiritual world and the physical world.

There are several ways to cross the veil, for example , millions of people have experienced what is known as near-death experience. When one dies for a time and returns to his body. in that time that the spirit is slow to return, it is on the other side of the veil, experiencing and knowing what is behind it. Many meet again with loved ones in spirit during that time.

Also by means of meditation, visulization, hypnotherapy, mediumship and different ways of channeling messages from the higher realms and our love ones. The veil is more accessible to all now a days. This is due to an accelerated development in our spirituality in recent years. How do we benefit by crossing the veil? * We can remember our past lives and the lessons we come to learn from this land. This accelerates a great knowledge and acceptance of our current life and the circumpstancias that surround us. We realize that we are no longer victims of our lives and we understand why. The blindfold disappears.

* We can contact our loved ones in spirit and know that they are well, and know of the events in our current life. and they cherish memories of when they lived with us. * We can have a closer relationship with our spiritual guides, and receive their advice. * We can rediscover that our life on the other side is as real, if not more real than this physical world, and much more beautiful. * We receive the knowledge that once we have learned the lesson of knowing how to love, we will not need to reincarnate in this world.

* We can know with certainty, that this physical world is an illusion, as well as the veil, because we have never really been separated from the spirit. Just as we will have the same personality when we die, our thoughts exist in a different frequency. It would be like listening to two different radio stations. Each one can be heard, but we can not listen to both at the same time. When they overlap, they are not heard clearly.

Well this is what happens with the spiritual world and the earthly world, and the reason we can not listen to our loved ones in spirit, like when they were at our side. They navigate on a frequency different from ours. For many years I have prepared myself to offer my services as a spiritual medium. I have worked to raise my energy field to a higher level so the spiritual world can communicate with me.

I can hear, see, feel and why not smell spirits around if they smoked or wore a fragrance that they used to like when they lived here. Our work as mediums begins with an intention to serve spirit, love to one self and others. We have to come from a place of LOVE. Human egos have to be left aside. What can a Spirit reading offer? Why contact our beloved ones? We can have many different reasons why contact our loved ones in spirit, some want to know if they are okay, after a painful or tragic death. Other people feel guilty for any reason, even if it is simply that they were not on their side before they died.

Others left pending issues in demonstrating how much they loved them etc ... What I now for sure is that after a spiritual reading with our loved ones, whether family members and / or friends, nobody is left disappointed. It is simple and priceless, we find Hope-Healing-Closure. These words are very powerful when you suffer the loss of a loved one. Who has not suffered this at least once? Personally, I would have liked to be able to offer hope, healing and closure to my mother when I was ten years old.

We suffered the loss of my brother with only 23 years of age . However at that time in the early 70's and being only a girl, we had no many options but to go trough a painful grieving for many years, and kept wondering if after his tragic death he was okay. Don't get me wrong, we all need to go trough the process of grieving after losing a love one. But not everything is lost, we can learn to live again without guilt, worry and hopelessness.

Today I can offer my services so that people who suffer the loss of a loved one find hope, healing and closure in their lives. And that with certainty they understand that they will also meet again when the time is right, and the wait is not a life sentence but an awakening to life every day.

I am so grateful to the spiritual world for allowing me to be the conduct between both worlds and see the change in people lives who had come with lost hope before their reading and discover that their loved ones are watching what they do from them from the other side of the veil, that they are well and they treasure dear memories when they lived with us.

Light & Love

Ana Leyva Spirit Medium

February 16, 2018

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