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Why being a medium?

Actualizado: 26 feb 2018

I do not have enough words to describe the joy I feel of being able to serve the spiritual world. I am a mental medium and I am the one who establishes the connection between the spiritual world and the living.

The spirits communicate by visual means, words to the ear, telepathic words, feelings, aromas and flavors. Thy impress the medium's mind with evidence of treasured memories they have of the living, and an intense feeling of love. Our loved ones are always willing to communicate with us. They know what we do every day and they are with us. Sometimes they even give us advice! This only happens in situations where they don't interfere with our learning here on earth.

The key is to learn to love one another. Where have we read this before?"

Love is everything, nothing else matters. Let me tell you something, if you do not like someone because they are different from you or have a different point of view . It will be difficult for you to understand the spiritual dimension.

Our loved ones now live in a dimension different from ours on earth, their energy is LOVE. They see us in our earth school, they see what we do and the difficulties we face every day . But they also know that in the end, everything will be fine.

There is no chronological time in their dimension "heaven", what mean years for us, it is an instant for them, they know past, present and future. Like when you fast forward a favorite movie. They know everything will be okay at the end.

Our mothers on earth have already the inspirational gift from heaven. " Every struggle we have here on earth will be sorted out at the end" Mothers know that, they ispired us that way, it works all the time! Moms know how to show us LOVE.

The vibration of our love ones in heaven is pure love and happines, in the spirit world there is no room for earthy feelings like sadness, hate , envy, jelousy etc... This is why humans always worry if their love ones in spirit are okay. They are!

No metter the circumstance of their live here or their passing. They belong now to a spiritual dimension where earthy feelings other than LOVE are non existent. Love is everything.

How many times have we come to earth to learn this? Many times I am afraid. But for every lesson we did not learn, there is always an opportunity again. As humans we have to learn a lot. Earth is full of distractions, earth offers many things to choose from. It depends from us the decisions we make. Are our choices based in love for us and others? Or are they based in feeding our ego? This is when our free will comes in place.

The Spirit world already know all of this. That is the reason they inspire us with a thought or an idea when they do not interrupt our learning process on earth. They ispiration only can come from LOVE.

Love & Light

Ana Leyva Spirit Medium

January 31st, 2018.

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